The Vps10p Protein Family Power House

A new Mechanism for Treating Type II Diabetes and Diabetic Complications.

Our gene – SorCS1 works by increasing insulin sensitivity in mice and cells and may thus offer a novel treatment option for patients with type 2 diabetes.

- Mads Fuglsang Kjølby
About InsuSense Therapeutics

A virtual biotech based in Aarhus

InsuSense Therapeutics is a product-focused biotechnology company based on novel breakthrough science in diabetes biology, which represents an important new Type 2 diabetes therapeutic mechanism of action. One of the most important features in the pathophysiology of Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. Insusense Therapeutics works on different natural circulating and cellular proteins from the sortilin (Vps10p) family that increase insulin action at the level of target tissues by direct interaction with the insulin receptor. Furthermore, they have important differentiated benefits over current therapy.

InsuSense Therapeutics Goals & Strategy
IST’s vision is to bring forward novel therapeutics, based on unique scientific understanding and intellectual property of the company, offering patients superior long term management of their diabetes disease.

IST is currently pursuing this by identifying active proteins based on the naturally occurring Vps10p-domains and manufacturing these on a relevant scale.